Members of our church, Calvary Chapel Fluvanna, are traveling to Israel in February of 2017. This blog was created to document that trip and provide a way for family and friends at home to see a little of what we will be seeing, like the Sea of Galilee, pictured in the stock photo above.

But, there will be much more than the Israel trip documented here. I’ll post of other travels, events, and interests. Some will be church related, but many will be personal. My plan is to blog mostly with my smartphone; therefore most posts will be short and simple.

I wanted to title this blog “Over the Hill…and still going” but since I could not find a URL related to that title I went with “Tired Feet”. Travel, as well as life in general, often leads to tired feet. But there is nothing wrong with tired feet, or tiredness in general; it means that at least we are going somewhere or doing something.

And for Christians, there is a special joy to being part of the “over the hill” generation. That joy is in the great expectation we have looking forward to checking out of this old body and old life completely and stepping into the Heavenly Kingdom where there will no longer be pain, sorrow, suffering or death. Looking forward to our future there reminds us that this earth is only a temporary residence, a strange land we must travel through on our way home.

Jesus said, “Surely I am coming quickly.”

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

Written by Warren McIvor







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